[This offer has been discontinued] Yes, you read that right. We’ve teamed up with MacHighway – the awesome web host for Mac users, by Mac users – to offer Freeway users six months free web hosting.

MobileMe is going to be taken offline at the end of June (RIP). To commemorate this occasion, we’ve partnered with MacHighway to offer Freeway 5.5 users free hosting for six months. If you don’t own Freeway 5.5 (which is a paid-for upgrade from Freeway 5), head over to the Express or Pro pages and buy it now.

Once you’ve joined the Freeway family, taking advantage of the offer is simple:

  1. Open your copy of Freeway Express or Freeway Pro.
  2. Click the link to MacHighway’s website in the bottom right of the Welcome Screen and make a note of the Promotion Code. You can open your Welcome Screen from Freeway’s Help menu if it doesn’t open automatically. The offer will not be available unless you click on the link on Freeway’s Welcome screen.
  3. Select the hosting package you need. Make sure you select a hosting package on the first page you land on. If you select it from a different page, the offer will not work.
  4.  Enter the Promotion Code when prompted.
  5. Sit back and enjoy six months free hosting!

Note: This promotion is available on new hosting packages only, is limited to one per customer, and can be canceled after six months by contacting MacHighway. It’s only available if Freeway is running in English. If you would like to take advantage of the offer, you’ll need to run Freeway in English. This KnowledgeBase article explains how: http://www.softpress.com/kb/questions/239